Monday, February 20, 2017

Rosalynn's birthday ♥

To celebrate her birthday, dear Rosalynn would spend her entire week-end in Paris and stay at my appartement, yaay ♥ She arrived to Paris on Friday evening and picking her at Bercy was quite an adventure cause it was hard to find each other! And believe me, it was not the only aventure of our week-end together! We found each other, came back to my place to drop Rosalynn's stuff and walked to a restaurant she likes to celebrate~

The next day was Rosalynn's actual birthday, we were supposed to leave my place around 11:00am so we woke-up, started the day by talking a lot and having breakfast. Soon, Boyfriend had to leave to go to work while Rosalynn and I were still talking in front of our breakfast... And I got a phone call. Just a few minutes after Boyfriend left the place, he called me. Oh, he might have forgot something?
Well, no. He sounded a bit worried and told me to go and check the 4th floor (right under our appartement, we live on the 5th) because there was some weird-maybe-something-is-burning smell.
(Get ready for a long story!)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Canceled Crybaby tour: What a week-end !

Ok, I'm super late, as usual...
So, back in November, I was really eager for the week-end because it was finally time for the long awaited comeback of Melanie Martinez's Crybaby Tour! On this occasion, cuties Giruparty, Beescuit and Blushpastel were coming to town ♥ Dear Cheiko would join us after the concert to a karaoke partyyy!

But you know, things didn't happen that way, no. Sadly, Melanie was sick and she had to cancel her Parisian show. We only knew about it a few hours before the show so we were a bit disappointed but hey, that's life. I felt so sad for my friends who traveled specially for her show.
Because of that, we had more time than expected to do some shopping. Of course, we started by Angelic Pretty ♥ We didn't got anything but we saw dear Mila! ♥ Then we stopped by Vivienne Westwood, Axes Femmes, Kilo Shop Kawaii, NYX and many more !
(But I just took some random pictures, great... )

Also, we initially planned to go to a karaoké after the show but with it being canceled,
we went shopping and decided to go to the karaoké earlier but... I wouldn't recommend the karaoké restaurant. I mean, we had fun time and pasta was quite good but also awfully-tasting mojitos, service wasn't the best and everything was more expensive than expected.


Long story short, on karaoké nights the first drink you order is 10€ even if it was ordered during happy hours when it's supposed to be 5€. This of course wasn't written on the menu (no one bothered to give us a menu so we had to take one from another table) and all this was written in small letters for ants on a small paper near the entrance of the karaoké. And like I said, mojitos were... not mojitos.
Wouldn't recommend 100% and they'll never see me again, sorry. Nice song catalogue though!(Roméo et Juliette and Tragédie for all the frenchies out there)

Due to big train problems, dear Cheiko couldn't make it to the karaoke but at least she avoided all of this, we did miss her though! ♥
But not for long because all of us would attend an Harajuku themed meet-up in Jardin du Luxembourg the following day. Ok, let's talk about the meeting then. In just one word: RAIN. Yup, it was rainy and windy. What a perfect day, right? What a shame, Jardin du Luxembourg is such a beautiful place but we couldn't enjoy it, I guess it ruined the organisation because we didn't do much but at least I was in good company ♥ If you want to take a look at lots of well dressed people, you can take a look at all the streetsnap Giru took !

Solenn had to leave early, I wish she stayed longer ♥
Can you spot her on this picture? 8D

Serious buisness, much love ♥
It was cold with rain so I couldn't take off my coat cause I'm weak!

I was wearing:
JSK, cardigan, headdress, accesssories, OTKs and bag: Angelic Pretty 
Top and shoes: H&M
Coat: Baby the stars shine bright

Thank you Giru for those pretty pictures. All of the pictures of this post are from her (except the crappy phone ones) and she was kind enough to let me edit some of them.
By the way, you can read her post here!

I  had plans other for the end of the afternoon and our Belgian friends had to leave to take the train back home so we said goodbye and left the meetup together. I would meet with my friend Cécile and go to a beautiful photography exhibit of Klavdij Sluban. Chieko had no plans but she had to wait for a friend who would come later in the evening so she came with us! The expo was so beautiful ♥

And since it was a cold day, after we decided to go to the nearest Starbucks to wait with her and have some delicious matcha latte together. To me, it felt a bit strange because I know Cécile from school and Chieko from the lolita community, I wouldn't have guessed they'd met one day but it made me quite happy ♥ Besides, Cécile knows already so much about lolita fashion, it's almost like she's one of us! We've been talking a while and soon Chieko's friend Bobby joined us.
It was so nice to meet him! Bobby is a photographer and it was really interesting to talk about his work.

Even if the weather wasn't at it's best and it was already dark outside, Bobby wanted to walk around to take some pictures and he invited Cécile and I to join them! We went to the Carrousel du Louvre to catch interesting lights. Sadly Cécile couldn't stay long because she had to leave and soon Bobby, Cheiko and I were wandering around the Louvre, chatting and taking pictures.

We ended-up at Angelina but the restaurant was about to close, we had to find another option.
After thinking a bit, we went to eat udon instead! I know... First startbucks and now udon, very french!

And after udon... Bubble tea 8D
We also talked a lot while drinking our bubble teas, what a nice way to end this weekend full of failures! Once our bellies were full enough, it was already time to take the métro and go back home.

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Matchy-matchy Candy Ribbon ♥

Oh well, I'm super late as always, right?

I've wanted to post this article since the very moment when we took the pictures but I didn't.
No. Instead, the pictures have been sleeping in my hard drive, waiting to be edited...
So, something like six months after, here's the post~

Back in May, when in Amsterdam for SFE's Under The Sea event (btw, I can't wait for the next one), Roxane and I bought two dresses from RoseMarie Seoir with matching Candy Ribbon print!
Right after the main event was over, we decided to go take some pictures in Amsterdam because why not!

After having some rest (and talking a lot) we went out once again!
We were only a few blocks from a beautiful canal so we decided to take some pictures there.
On our way to the canal, we walked into Tro-tro, Sandra and Lou ♥
They were heading to a restaurant to have diner. We talked for a while right in the middle of the sidewalk... or was it the bicycle path? Who knows, Amsterdam you're so full of tricks and dangers! And they invited us to join them right after taking our pictures~

I was wearing:
OP : RoseMarie Seoir,
Otks : offbrand
Shoes : H&M
Earrings : RoseMarie Seoir (Syrup)
Accessories: gifts and vintage

Sad faces because the event was over. Also, we tried picturing our lives without 
our freshly bought matching dresses, way too hard...

(Yes, I went crazy with the editing. Fancy frames, RoseMarie Seoir style and all! )

Matchy-match, oh dear I miss you ♥

And so, after that we headed to the restaurant and joined Tro-Tro, Sandra and Lou.
Food was great, drinks were great and company was excellent ♥ 
I remember Lou braided my hair, thank you ! Yes, this was such a nice evening 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥