Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Triple Fortune tea party at Nina's ♥

Back in September, Babi and Kaie, Triple Fortune's designers made a quick stop in Paris
and held a tea party at Nina's ♥
Babi and Kaie, went to London for the TPC Dream Carnival Mascarade and they stopped by Paris before getting back to Japan. Last time I saw them was at the Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea party at SFE's La Vie En Rose in 2014!!

En Septembre dernier, Babi et Kaie, les designers de Triple Fortune ont organisé une petite tea party chez Nina's lors de leur rapide passage sur Paris ♥
Babi et Kaie s'étaient rendues à Londres pour la Dream Carnival Mascarade du TPC 
et elles en ont profité pour faire un court arrêt par chez nous avant de retourner au Japon. 
La dernière fois que je les avais vues, c'était à l'occasion de la tea party Baby the Starts Shine Bright pendant la Vie En Rose en 2014 !!

Besides, it was my first time going to Nina's so I was pretty excited!
You might have heard about them already cause Nina's is pretty famous for their Marie Antoinette tea, Babi and Kaie told us they even have a shop in Yokohama!

En plus, c'était la première fois que j'allais chez Nina's j'étais donc assez impatiente! 
Peut-être en avez-vous déjà entendu parlé puisque Nina's est particulièrement réputé pour leur thé Marie Antoinette, ils ont même ouvert une boutique à Yokohama d'après Babi et Kaie ! 

We had Marie Antoinette tea and cake! 
It was black tea with rose petals and apple from the King’s Kitchen Garden in Versailles.
The cake was also apple and rose flavored, delicious ♥

 Du coup, nous avons évidement goûté le thé et le gâteau Marie Antoinette ! 
C'est un thé noir aromatisé aux roses et aux pommes provenant du Jardin du potager du Roi, 
à Versailles. Le gâteaux était aussi à la pomme et à la rose, délicieux ♥ 

The setting was really beautiful with all those rose petals on the wall around 
Vigée Le Brun's Marie-Antoinette portrait!

Le carde était si joli avec tous ces petals de roses disposés autour du portrait de Marie Antoinette 
par Vigée Le Brun !



Couldn't decide which picture was the best,
what do you think ?

Je n'ai pas pu me décider entre ces deux photos, 
vous préférez laquelle ? 

Everything in the salon was elegant, pink and adorable!
I had to comeback to buy some of this delicious Marie-Antoinette tea ♥
Honestly, I want pretty much everything, including the golden tea set and the sparkling rosé ofc!

Absolument tout dans le salon était si rose, élégant et adorable ! 
J’étais obligée d'y repasser pour acheter un pot de leur thé si délicieux ♥ 
Honnêtement, je crois bien que je veux à peu près tout dont ce set de thé doré 
et le rosé pétillant bien sûr !

Lovely outfit pictures by lovely Marie, thank you ♥ 
There was no specific dress code so I went for a head to toe pink outfit!
Babi and Kaie said I was matching perfectly with the tea salon, what do you think?
JSK, blouse, hair accessories and socks: Angelic Pretty,
Shoes: Bodyline.

Merci à Marie pour cette jolie photo de ma tenue ♥ 
Il n'y avait pas de dress code spécifique, du coup j'ai opté pour du rose de la tête aux pieds !
Babi et Kaie ont même dit que j'étais assortie au salon de thé, vous en pensez quoi ? 
JSK, blouse et accessoires de cheveux : Angelic Pretty,
Chaussures : Bodyline.

Group picture from Marie as well, thank you ♥
I love cosy tea parties like this one cause you actually have time to chat with everyone and the atmosphere is really friendly ♥

Cette photo de groupe vient également de Marie, merci ♥ 
J'aime vraiment ce genre de tea party très cosy comme celle-ci parce qu'on a le temps 
de discuter avec tout le monde et l'atmosphère y est si chaleureuse ♥ 

And another group picture from Babi's twitter! ♥
Thank you everyone for this lovely afternoon and thank you to Babi and Kaie for organizing!

Et une autre photo de groupe provenant du twitter de Babi ! ♥
Merci tout le monde pour cette après-midi si charmante 
et merci Babi et Kaie d'avoir organisé tout ça ! 

See you soon and take care until next time ♥ 
À bientôt et prenez soin de vous ♥

Friday, November 10, 2017

Spoon. magazine's AP TP report ♥

Here are the scans of Spoon. magazine's report
on the 1st Anniversary tea party of Angelic Pretty Paris!
It's been a while since the magazine came out but a couple days ago, 
I asked on Instagram if you were interested in me posting some scans of the AP tea party report, 
so here they are~  ...and they're high def, so high def you can see the dithering form the printing!!

The tea party report is a lovely 8 page spread with many pictures, including pictures of the fashion show and the shop ♥


I'm always so glad to see many familiar faces (including my own) in those reports and it's kinda funny to have one's memories saved in a magazine, you have no idea how precious they are to me! ♥
Also please, if you can, show your support to the magazine by getting your own copy,
I got mine at Junku, the Japanese library here and they still have this issue!

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Angelic Pretty Paris 1st Anniversary tea party! ♥

Back in July, many fellow lolitas gathered to celebrate Angelic Pretty Paris 1st anniversary!
The tea party took place in the marvelous Salon Pompadour at Le Meurice, a palace right in front of the Tuileries garden. Once again, I was lucky enough to be part of the fashion show and this year, the special guest was Tina Tamashiro!

I was so excited to see her! I've always loved the photo shoots featured she does with Angelic Pretty for Spoon and I have to say, she makes me want to have my hair cut in a short bob sometimes...
(it's not going to happen anyway)

All the selected models had to meet a the hotel at 12:00 for the fittings and rehearsals.
Soon, we were all backstage sitting around a table with Maki checking for everyone's fashion show outfits and I discovered I had to wear two different outfits! YES TWO.
First one was Suya Suya Toys and the second one was Angel Scallop!
Both weren't announced yet at that time, so exciting!~
Also, I was quite excited to be carrying the Dreamy Lyrical Bunny bag cause it's way too cute (and way to heavy BUT WAY TOO CUTE)

I'm so happy I got to wear two different outfits for this fashion show! 
It was the first time I had to change backstage during the fashion show! You know, during formula 1 races, when all the team quickly changes the  tires? 
I felt like I was one of those cars but it was really fun!

When we ended the fashion show, we took a few pictures backstage and then everyone got changed into their own outfits and got back into the main salon!

I was so happy to be modeling with Camélia, Marine and Pom once again! ♥
Once I got changed into my own outfit, I finally joined the party in the other room 
and sat with lovely friends, right between Rosalynn and Roxane and just in time for the food ♥ 

Favorite tea party activity, taking pictures of those gorgeous ceilings!

The lovely staff and designers talked a bit about the fashion show and the one year anniversary of the Parisian shop! Sometimes I still can't believe it's here ♥

"Misty Sky and lucky packs for all!!" 

We also got a Q&A with Tina Tamashiro and it was pretty interesting!
She was honestly too cute to be true ♥ 

The food was delicious! We had different mignardises, scones with cream, jam and honey (ok just something I want to say about the honey, this one was called Miel Béton which means honey concrete and it was quite funny because it was rather sturdy) aaand a such a delicious cake!

Some wild stroopwafel appeared (thanks Rosalynn ♥)

Hello cutie ♥

Soon, it was already time for the raffle and the best outfit. 
As usual, I didn't won anything at the raffle but I wasn't sad at all...
Consolation prize was a set of clearfiles and I LOVE clearfiles yes ♥ 

Sadly, once the raffle ended, it was already time to say goodbye...
But before leaving the salon, we took a group picture and believe me, it wasn't the easiest thing to do! (Five points if you find me, I'm somewhere hidden behind a headpiece)


We tried to take some pictures in the hotel lobby but the staff asked us to leave, 
maybe because the café area was quite crowded? Or because we were quite embarrassing, I guess we'll never know... Anyway, we decided to hang in front of the hotel for a while!

Beautiful people ♥ and more beautiful people ♥ 



Can we take just one moment to appreciate Tamara's Kate Spade bag? 
I mean, a pastel dinosaur! I love this collection so much, even if my favorite is the pink T-rex, 
this one is cuteness overload ♥ 

I don't even have outfit pictures of the friends I sat with, shame on me...
Ooh and I almost forgot, here is a gif with the lovelies Emilie and Rosalynn ♥
We tried to make hearts with our hands, we tried... 


After hanging around the hotel of a bit, we decided to go for a Starbucks and other fellow lolitas tagged along, like the year before! It was nice to get to spend some more time together (and a matcha latte frappuchino was much needed) ~ 

Roxane and I also stopped by the shop one last time and took a few pictures because our shop girls are adorable (sadly, Marine wasn't there) ♥ 

Guess we can't be serious for too long...

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥